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Advanced BMI
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Advanced BMI

Zalka · Metn
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Advanced BMI Zalka is located in White City Building, Zalka Highway, Metn, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon
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As one of the few and most experienced weight loss teams in Lebanon, Advanced BMI is composed of highly trained and qualified professionals who are committed to giving you a better life. We are your weight loss partners and are here to make your transition to a healthier lifestyle as easy as possible.

Our extensive experience with different medical and surgical weight loss procedures began in Canada where Dr. Nagi Safa worked for several years treating the morbidly obese with weight loss surgery. He then brought his expertise to Lebanon where he has been performing the gastric sleeve, gastric plication, gastric bypass, gastric banding, and many other surgeries to treat obesity and its comorbidities in Lebanon and the Middle East.

With over two thousand surgeries performed , Dr Nagi Safa’s mission is to help you reach your goals and sustain a healthy lifestyle. We will:

- Help you make an initial evaluation of your current lifestyle and eating behaviors.
- Help you set your weight loss goal.
- Help you make an informed decision on the appropriate weight loss procedure. We will provide you with the necessary information in detail about different weight loss surgeries (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric plication, gastric banding) so that you may choose the most suitable for you.
- Provide quality services by only using FDA approved material in all of our surgeries.
- Provide the safest and most advanced technologies available by using the laparoscopic and the single incision laparoscopic approaches to perform surgeries and minimize recovery time and pain.
- Help you reach your goal weight by maintaining regular follow up with you before, during, and after your weight loss surgery and to ensure you are on the right track by performing regular blood tests and consultations.
- Provide moral support in order to keep you motivated.
- Provide nutritional advice before and after your weight loss surgery to help you lose all of your excess weight and reach your goal without compromising your health.
- Provide psychological support and counselling when needed to help you adapt to your new healthy lifestyle and your new body.

What make us different?
- A dedicated, fully trained staff in bariatric medicine and surgical services
- One of the few practices with expertise in all bariatric procedures: gastric bypass, sleeve, band, gastric plication, duodenal switch, revisional surgery…
- Psychological evaluation and support
- Pre-operative education
- Nutritional counseling and follow-up
- Exercise & fitness guidance programs
- Behavioral health tools & guidelines
- Continuing patient education
- A long-term follow-up program
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