Vented Doors for WM Cabinets

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Product Specifications:
- Surface finish: Degreasing, phosphoric, powder coating.
- Material: Cold Roll Steel
- High density vented single doors.
- High density arched steel door for wallmounts.
- The holes are hexagon comparing with the same size round holes, the hexagon can supply more space
- All doors are finished with a black textured powder coat.
- Doors can be set for either right or left opening direction
- The locking perforated steel door adds a higher level of security by locking valuable equipment while still allowing proper airflow, preventing unwanted access.

Ordering Information:
Product Code and Description:
- VD6U; Vented Door for WM 6U
- VD9U; Vented Door for WM 9U
- VD12U; Vented Door for WM 12U
- VD15U; Vented Door for WM 15U
- VD18U; Vented Door for WM 18U
- VDARC4U/6U; Vented Door Arched Steel for WM 4U or 6U
- VDARC9U/12U; Vented Door Arched Steel for WM 9U or 12U
- VDARC15U/18U; Vented Door Arched Steel for WM 15U or 18U
- VDARC22U; Vented Door Arched Steel for WM 22U
- PD6U; Plain Door for WM6U
- PD9U; Plain Door for WM9U

Vented Doors:
Product Code and Description:
- VDXU Vented Door for WM
- VDARCXU Vented Door Arched Steel for WM
- PDXU Plain Door for WM

Computer Accessories including Vented Doors for WM Cabinets is available at Triple Com Antelias, Metn, Lebanon.

Vented Doors for WM Cabinets متوفر في تريبل كوم في انطلياس، المتن لبنان


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Vented Doors for WM Cabinets