Swivel Multipurpose Chair - Prime One

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  • Swivel Multipurpose Chair - Prime One
  • Swivel Multipurpose Chair - Prime One
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If you are looking for multipurpose chairs or classroom chairs, then you just landed to the right page. These chairs can be in classroom, conference room, training room, seminar room, etc... We are providing the best quality in Lebanon and U.A.E. for multipurpose chairs suitable for various needs.

Engineered to withstand the toughest classroom use, Prima One chairs are incredibly durable and its clean visual form creates a fresh modern look. Elliptical tubing or 4 legs provides superior strength and the lightweight polypropylene shells resist scratching, fading, chipping and denting. The unique shell design has all the proper curves to support functionality and ergonomics in the classroom. The result is classroom seating that gives you years of low maintenance service.

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Swivel Multipurpose Chair - Prime One