Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner

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  • Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner
  • Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner
  • Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner
  • Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner
  • Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner
  • Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner
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Ruby Fires is leading on the market of decorative fireplaces.

Our decorative fires do not need a vent-system and can therefore easily be placed in any room. Our extended collection can offer a suitable solution for any space.

Ruby Fires was founded in 1994 by Wilfred Kos. He owned a store in Haarlem, where he sold decorative fireplaces, primarily surrounds made of plaster with gel-fires. The beautiful and distinguished designs drew attention and soon enough he started selling them to fellow store-owners.

The more the popularity of gel-burners grew, the more the number of suppliers grew as well. Wilfred Kos wanted to distinguish himself by focussing on safety and quality, which resulted in receiving the patent on the ceramic burners, which he developed. These ceramic burners have been declared the safest burners on the market by testing institutes.

In 2003 Ruby Fires opened its headquarters and warehouse in Broek op Langedijk (Netherlands) and continued as supplier and manufacturer. Ruby Fires developed into one of the leading manufacturers of decorative fireplaces.

The brand Ruby Fires stands for quality and innovation. The continuous use of new materials and development of new techniques in production have led to a series of unique products. Our lightweight surrounds of natural stone can be combined with a ceramic fire, a water-vapour fire or an electric fire. Each surround can be combined with different inserts, which makes is possible to personalise every set.

Nowadays Ruby Fires has its own factory in Europe as well as production facilities in Asia. The products that are developed here are sold all over the world from the headquarters in Broek op Langedijk.

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Ruby Fires Bioethanol Fire Burner