Roula Dfouni Construct Deconstruct Collection 2

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  • Roula Dfouni Construct Deconstruct Collection 2
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While the materials Roula uses in her work are conventional, accessible, one could even say simple, the results are anything but. Geometric forms, which are a constant thread throughout her work, combine with the earthy, unfinished feel of rough gemstones, and the depth and tactile beauty of her silver work, to create pieces, each one with its own distinctive personality.

After a decade spent in the business world, Roula decided the time had come to embrace the true calling of her heart; the calling of art.
The now renown Lebanese jewelry designer then dedicated the next years of her life to learning all she could about the future which awaited her, taking a series of intensive courses at ESMOD Beirut, and imbuing herself in every aspect of the world of art.

Our earth is precious. It feeds our souls, nurtures our creativity, awakens our imagination, and inspires us to greater heights.
Our earth is dying. It is decomposing around us, mutating every day, exhausting its resources, and fracturing under the weight of our inattention.
But our earth is resilient, and we are powerful. From the decay, we can reconstruct a stronger, healthier, sustainable earth. From the rubble we can construct a new earth, to our vision, and for all our futures'.
The Construct-Deconstruct Collection explores these themes and pushes their boundaries to offer a new perspective. One where rubble can be transformed into inspiring beauty, and in decay the seeds of growth can be planted.

Roula Dfouni Construct Deconstruct Collection 2 is available at Boutique Hub. concept store, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon.

Roula Dfouni Construct Deconstruct Collection 2 متوفر في بوتيك هاب في الاشرفية، بيروت لبنان


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Roula Dfouni Construct Deconstruct Collection 2