Oussamco Ice Cream Showcase

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Oussamco Ice Cream Showcase
Looking for affordable prices and huge range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment? You are in the right place.
Oussamco is a family owned and operated restaurant supplies and equipment business located in Lebanon. Founded in 1950 by Khaled Adada, Oussamco now has the third generation of Adada family working for it.
Importing high quality products from Italy and exporting his manufacturer to Middle East. And from a generation to generation, Oussamco is now classified between the most reputable factories in Lebanon with more than 60 years of experience.
At Oussamco we feature only high quality equipments that will fit our customer's needs.
Whether you are looking for ready-made items, for customized tailored items, we are here to guide you and to ensure that your goals are just on the right rails.
Our main goal is to empower food-service operators to make their own businesses more successful.
With an ongoing commitment to product development, excellent customer service and product performance, our quality and reliability will introduce us.

Ice Cream Showcase is available at Oussamco Adada Kitchen Equipment Tarik El Jdideh, Beiut, Lebanon.
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مؤسسة اسامكو عضاضة
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