Fathalla Industries Sectional Motors

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Fathalla Industries Sectional Motors
Electromechanical irreveraible actuator for sectional and balanced doors up to 15 m2.
Maximum force 1000 N (100 Kg).

Control Unit:
- Programming via 4 buttons and display.
- Input for photocells.
- Input for an external start button.
- Input for an external stop button.
- Output for flashing light 24V with intermittence.
- 433.92 MHz built-in receiver allowing the use of Personal Pass series transmitters.
- Possibility to store up to 15 transmitters.
- Self-learning of times, slow-downs and forces both in opening and closing phase.
- Amperometric sensor obstacle detection function with programmable threshold.

Sectional Motors is available at Fathalla Industries, Charles Helou, Beirut, Lebanon.
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