Fathalla Industries Industrial and Residential Doors

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Fathalla Industries Industrial and Residential Doors
Special rubberswhich adjust to all door types, increasing soaling and minimizing the losses of ventilation.
1. Intermediate joint rubber between panels.
2. Bottom joint double line rubber profile at the bottom panel of the door.
3. Upper joint last rubber adjoining to the front of the frame.
4. Spring failure device. Adjusts the shaft of the sectional door and prevents undesirable movement of the door downwards in case of spring damage.
5. Safety edge or motion detection photocells whose installation is essential when the door is remotely operated in accordance with safety standard.
6. Finger protection. Specially planned and designed panel that during closing prevents the trapping of fingers between the panels.
7. Manual operation in case of power failure the door can be manually operated.

1. Double skinned panels of galvanized stucco steel sheet with thickness 0.5 mm of heat insulation hard polyurothane 45 kgr/m3. Total panel thickness 42mm.
2. PVC surface which perfectly combines modern with classic and gives the door maximum endurance and protection against possible damages.
3. Wide range of coating colours with excellent resistance to outdoor conditions and excellent colour retention.

Industrial and Residential Doors is available at Fathalla Industries, Charles Helou, Beirut, Lebanon.
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