Fathalla Industries Eclipse Aluminum Grilles

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Fathalla Industries Eclipse Aluminum Grilles
The Aluminum Security Grill/Aluminum roller grill door is designed to provide security for internal applications with provisions for sample vision and ventilation.
It is designed to suit security closures to entrances, passages, doorways, bars, cash and server counters. It is also recommended for partitioning areas such as clubs, hotels, shopping centers etc.
Roller Grilles provide different designs of curtain; made from aluminum or steel tubes and links, put together with steel rods to make a lightweight, but strong curtain.
All aluminum sections can be natural anodized as standard. Various anodizing and powder coat colors are also available when specified.
Applicable motors: central motors such as SOMFY, RIB OR ACM; chain operating motor such as "IRON CHAIN"

Eclipse Aluminum Grilles is available at Fathalla Industries, Charles Helou, Beirut, Lebanon.
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