Plywood Cafeteria Chair - Athos

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  • Plywood Cafeteria Chair - Athos
  • Plywood Cafeteria Chair - Athos
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Our modern Cafe chairs collection can be your ideal solution whether you are furnishing a cafeteria, restaurant, canteen, food court, etc.. We are committed to continuous providing the best quality, design and pricing to our customer in Lebanon and U.A.E. Fleifel furniture provides several type of cafeteria chairs such acrylic, plywood, and polypropylene chairs.

The moulded seat and back is made from a thin plywood triangular back multi-layer beechwood, thickness 10.5 mm, polished. The Athos chair is available with a chrome steel tube base. The chair was designed for both commercial and residential use providing variations to accommodate the different uses.

Dimension: 470x490x820 mm (width x depth x height)
Seat height: 475 mm
Net weight: 4.4 kg

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Plywood Cafeteria Chair - Athos