Nature Reception Table

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  • Nature Reception Table
  • Nature Reception Table
  • Nature Reception Table
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The reception is any company's Business Card. It welcomes the guest and at the same time provides information on the business it represents. It Immediately transmits the Impression we want to give others. Fleifel has furnished many reception areas in universities, banks, hospitals, and many companies. Navigate our pages or check our showroom located in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon.

This Nature reception counter is dedicated to welcoming areas. It is designed Functions as first contact, introduces the visitor to the company through a well impression defined and elegant linear clarity.

Dimension: 3300x900x1075 mm (width x depth x height)

Dimension: 2020x900x1075 mm (width x depth x height)

Nature Reception Table متوفر في مفروشات فليفل في مار الياس، بيروت لبنان


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Nature Reception Table