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A unique treatment thanks to its formula with liposomes of snow algae powder. With a high resistance to adverse environmental conditions on glaciers and in perpetual snow, these algae give crystal cream exceptional antiaging properties for cosmetic use.

It improves skin cell defenses and its repairing mechanisms and have a great antiox and detox power.
The treatment improves the elasticity and turgor of the skin and it is more protected against external aggressions. There is a reduction of wrinkles and their depth, expression lines are softened and the skin is brighter and has a more uniform tone.

This treatment of excellence is defined by a meticulous selection of active ingredients:

Liposomes of snow algae powder
These extremophilic algae are highly resistant to adverse environmental conditions have develop survival mechanisms that enable them to survive on glaciers and in perpetual snow, giving them exceptional antiaging properties for cosmetic use. Snow algae poder helps improve skin cell defences, resistance to oxidative stress and cellular detoxification while stimulating natural repair mechanisms. As a result, skin tissue starts to produce collagen again, improving the structure of the dermal-epidermal union and reinforcing the function of the natural barrier.

Latest-generation of exclusive peptide complex
Effects the mechanisms of wrinkle formation, inducing a decrease in depth and number of wrinkles.

Interferential pigments
They of diffuse light, softening expression lines and wrinkles, achieving a radiant complexion with even skin tone.

Mesoestetic Crystal Cream is available at Rahbani Laser Clinics Byblos, Jbeil, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon.

Mesoestetic Crystal Cream متوفر في رحباني ليزر كلينيكس في جبيل، جبيل لبنان


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Mesoestetic Crystal Cream