Mail Library Cabinet with 8 doors - 1

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Library storage is found in schools, universities and libraries. They are essential in organizing books, magazines, newspaper and documents. We manufacture your cabinets in our factory to make sure we are providing a high quality product. What we do more, is that we provide installation and maintenance if required.

With Mail cabinet, you can leave your envelope to another professor or to another colleague that you wish to send him or her. Otherwise, this cabinet can be used to store personal belongings. Each doors is equipped with one lock.

Dimension of Mail Cabinet with 8 doors 1:
880x400x1550 mm (width x depth x height)

Mail Library Cabinet with 8 doors - 1 متوفر في مفروشات فليفل في مار الياس، بيروت لبنان


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Mail Library Cabinet with 8 doors - 1