Lux Optical Madlux Safety Goggles

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Our brand Lux-Optical specializes in eye protection, offers a full range of safety glasses, over-glasses, welding masks, hoods and eye wash accessories. Our goggles combine technicality, modernity and maximum comfort by allowing you to choose models with trendy design or sportswear, with adjustable arms for better support and a non-slip nose bridge for more comfort.

Lux Optical Madlux Safety Goggles
Eye Protection

- Frame: Nylon, lined with EVA foam
- Temple: Removable nylon with soft PVC end
- Lens: Polycarbonate - Thickness: 2,3 mm
- Protection: Complete
- Weight: 45 g
- Delivered with adjustable elasticated head-band. Entirely removable.
- 2 in 1
- Removable from board
- Frame color: Black
- Frame marking: F
- Lens color: Clear and anti fog
- Lens marking: 2-1.2. 1FN
- Lens standard: EN170

Lux Optical Madlux Safety Goggles is available at Mansour Est. Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon.

Lux Optical Madlux Safety Goggles متوفر في مؤسسة منصور في بدارو، بيروت لبنان


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Lux Optical Madlux Safety Goggles