Lubex Hydraulic Generator Oils

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LUBEX branded high performance automotive lubricants are produced at BELGIN OIL facility with international standard certificates ISO 9001-TSE ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certificate.
BELGIN OIL has a lot of experience, know-how and expertise in industrial lubricants since 1953 which are now represented to automotive industry by LUBEX automotive lubricants. LUBEX provides high quality automotive lubricants conforming to international standards with feasible prices.
LUBEX Automotive lubricants are exported and used in more than 40 countries.
BELGIN OIL laboratories, where LUBEX automotive lubricants are developed, are very competent and embellished with modern technology and latest test equipment. BELGIN OIL laboratories hold Turkish Standard Certificate, ISO 17025 certificate, and accredited to TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency).
LUBEX automotive lubricants are produced by blending high quality virgin base oils with latest technology additives as a result of long-term R&D studies at BELGIN OIL laboratories with EU standards. LUBEX automotive lubricants are offered to market as synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral based products in various viscosity grades.
LUBEX has more than 40 different OEM approvals from international reputable manufacturers. Applications and progress of new OEM approvals continue rapidly.

Lubex Hydraulic Oils include:
LUBEX HLP 32 / HLP 46 / HLP 68
LUBEX SUPER HVI 32 / 46 / 68

Lubex Hydraulic Generator Oils are available at Kamal Hibri Bechara El Khoury, Jnah, Tallet El Khayat, Beirut; and Ghobeiry, Baabda, Lebanon.

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Lubex Hydraulic Generator Oils