Joie Stages Car Seat Slate

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  • Joie Stages Car Seat Slate
  • Joie Stages Car Seat Slate
  • Joie Stages Car Seat Slate
  • Joie Stages Car Seat Slate
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group 0+/1/2

A brilliant companion born to grow from birth to 7 years. Versatility that makes every adventure effortless.

A versatile collection of car seats focused on safety, security and that perfect fit for growing little riders.

Joyful & Happy:
We know families around the world are experiencing something new every day and we are delighted to be part of the journey.

Trustworthy & Safe:
We go far beyond what is standard when it comes to the materials we use and the custom testing regiments each product must undergo.

Devoted & Passionate:
We do everything with purpose, intention and enthusiasm, stemming from our leadership's devotion to do what is right for families, our company and the environment.

Stylish & Affordable:
We know what parents need and want, which is why Joie products have the adaptability and versatility to reflect the unique desires of families everywhere.

Responsible & Caring:
We go to great lengths to reduce our environmental impact and give back through charitable contributions.

With highest quality plastics, tough and durable strength fabrics and undiluted, uncompromised materials.

Our simply brilliant products are cleverly designed with unique parent-friendly features; keep exploring to meet a few that are so brilliant they are the first of their kind.

Joie Stages Car Seat Slate is available at Kaya Kids Space in Jounieh, Keserwan, Lebanon.

Joie Stages Car Seat Slate متوفر في كايا كيدز في صربا، كسروان لبنان


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Joie Stages Car Seat Slate