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  • Eurotechnique Mornar Gloves
  • Eurotechnique Mornar Gloves
  • Eurotechnique Mornar Gloves
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For effective protection, come and discover our comprehensive range of protective gloves that meet all types of risks: cut, chemical and biological, mechanical, electrical or thermal. Whatever your need, our wide range of protective gloves will have the solution! Gloves with abrasion resistance will be ideal for general use. For thermal hazards, use the anti-cold gloves and for perfect dexterity, choose coated nylon gloves specially designed for precision work. All our gloves comply with current regulations (EN 420, EN 374, EN 388, EN 511, EN 407).

Eurotechnique Mornar Gloves
Hand Protection

Material: split cow leather
Palm: warm cotton lined
Reinforcement: palm, index and
Original packaging: 12/120
Available colors: White & green, white, yellow & black

Eurotechnique Mornar Gloves is available at Mansour Est. Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon.

Eurotechnique Mornar Gloves متوفر في مؤسسة منصور في بدارو، بيروت لبنان


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معدات وادوات السلامة

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Eurotechnique Mornar Gloves