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  • Calia Italia Romeo Sofa
  • Calia Italia Romeo Sofa
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Romeo Sofa features a linear design, with overhanging bases in polished steel to reach to the arm, used a decorative item. Romeo Sofa can be exclusively found at all MATTA Gallery Branches. Romeo is Calia brand’s sofa characterized by a linear design, wide seats and square armrests. Its clean-cut lines are further enhanced by a shiny steel base that merges with the arms thus becoming a strongly decorative element. The revamped 2017 Romeo version boasts wooden feet - dark walnut colored beech-wood, also available in rosewood, light walnut, canaletto walnut and sessile oak - which confer a new look and appeal to the sofa: unlike steel, definitely more modern and distinct, wood brings an elegant, Scandinavian flair that will suit also classic room settings. Available also as a sectional, the model is equipped with lift-up headrests to maximize comfort.

Dimensions: 261x100x70cm
Brand: Calia Italia
Made In: Italy
Ref: 052-025-00081-005(7)

STRUCTURE: Pinewood, multilayer covered with polyurethane foam.

SEAT PADDING: Seat cushions in ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding.

Designer: centro studi interno

Structure: pinewood, multilayer and plywood covered with polyurethane foam.

Spring system: elastic webbing.

Seat Padding: seat cushions in ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding.

Back Padding: back cushions and headrests in ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding.

Arm Interior: ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding. Versions A94/A95 feature movable armrests padded with ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester.

Removability: not available.

Sewing: leather coverings feasible with contrast stitching in the colors available; cuts and sewing vary on microfiber (or fabric) coverings.

Mechanisms: the model is equipped with manually liftable headrests. The height of the model with lifted headrests is 89 cm.

Calia Italia Romeo Sofa is available at Matta Gallery in Ajaltoun, Zouk Mosbeh, Keserwan; Jal El Dib, Dekwaneh, Metn; Jamhour, Hazmieh, Baabda; and Khalde, Aley, Lebanon.

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