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Control Your Expenses, Grow Your Business.

The MasterCard Business card allows you to organize and handle business expenses with greater ease and efficiency. You can also use it for everyday purchases while safely and conveniently managing the funds spent by your employees.


Auto enrollment in the Audi Rewards program:
You will earn 1 Audi Rewards point for every USD 10 of eligible spending on your card. Eligible spending includes card purchases on POS machines and online shopping (e-commerce). Points can be redeemed against a variety of items and packages from the Audi Rewards catalogue, accessible on

Note: ATM withdrawals, POS cash advance, casino spends, and all other fees and charges on the card do not entitle you to rewards and will not accumulate Audi Rewards points.

Managing business expenses:
The MasterCard Business card is a "one-card solution" that allows you to control and budget all business expenses, track your employees’ spending and set limits, change purchasing authorization and spending criteria, control the card’s validity period, receive monthly and end-of-year statements, sign up for "Cards Online" and access all employees' card 24/7.

Flexible payment plans:
Our flexible payment system gives you the choice to settle your employees’ bills in easy monthly installments or in full at the end of each month. You can also benefit from significant discounts at leading suppliers of various business products and services.

Global acceptance and support:
Your employees can handle expenses all with one card that is accepted at millions of merchants and at over 900,000 ATMs worldwide. They can also withdraw cash quickly and easily from any ATM with the MasterCard logo.
Your employees will have access to 24/7 toll-free assistance, providing emergency card replacement, emergency cash advances, lost/stolen card reporting and an ATM machine locator.

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