Auditorium Chair For University - Gate

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  • Auditorium Chair For University - Gate
  • Auditorium Chair For University - Gate
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Since establishment, Fleifel furniture has completed many Auditorium, Lecture and Theater projects. We are dedicated to cultivating and enhancing the public environment culture with our products. Nowadays, we offer many original designs and we became the top in Lebanon in Public Seats through continuous perfection of workmen on technology and process.

Designed for multi-purpose lecture rooms and community environments, gate bench is a modular seating system on beam with seat and back in polypropylene, upholstered or wood. the seats can be fixed or tip-up seat according to the needs and environment of the spaces to be furnished such as lecture or theater halls, conference or training rooms as well as waiting rooms for medical,, notary and advocacy. Accessories include such as a writing tablet, continuous writing table top, armrest, etc..

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Auditorium Chair For University - Gate