Allibert Corona Duo Set

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  • Allibert Corona Duo Set
  • Allibert Corona Duo Set
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Balcony sets. The balcony is your favourite place to relax after the daily hustle and bustle. You can sit here high and dry most of the time, you have a nice view of the neighbourhood and the local cats do not bother you. But how can you transform your balcony into a great lounge area? Easy. With the coffee sets of Allibert! Of course you want to be able to stand, sit and walk on your balcony so proportions are very important. But also take a look at the design. You will see that one model looks robust, while another model is more elegant. What do you choose, a handy table with storage or do you want to make your balcony look more spacious with an open model? Allibert has a large selection; you will find the perfect duo set soon enough!

Stylish on every balcony. In these chairs, you will lose all sense of time. The curved back and armrests and the matching cushions give energy at any moment of the day. Whether you are eating breakfast or relaxing after a long day. With this set you will not avoid any challenges any longer. It gives you the perfect bit of encouragement. The practical storage table stores everything you do not want to forget. Beautifully finished with the unique Rezolith wood look of Allibert, it is always ready for you.

This product is available in: Graphite and Cappuccino.

Features: Round wicker 4.5mm, Ergonomic backrest and armrests, Table with storage, Seat Height : 39cm, Use: inside and outside.


Brand: Allibert
Reference: 045-036-00001-004


A good start. The duo Allibert and Sommer caused a true revolution around 1970. Apart from each other, they managed a production company for a felt and shoe factory. As the Sommer-Allibert group, they thought of the most incredible utilisations for platsics. They made the life of many people more pleasant with a new kind of floor covering, products for household use, but also products for the distribution and car industry.

The company went through an enormous growth, thanks to many innovations. By strategically collaborating with well-known partners like Rubbermaid and Curver, the Allibert-Sommer group conquered the world.

A proud member of the Keter Group. Allibert Outdoor is part of the Keter Group, a global enterprise that has been active for over 60 years. The Group operates 18 factories and two distribution centers in nine countries, and currently sells to over 100 countries around the world, maintaining sales offices in the majority of these markets.

With this impressive global production footprint and even broader global sales support, the Keter Group is able to offer flexible logistics, faster time to market and greater responsiveness in customer service. All told, these advantages have led to annual sales amounting to over $1 billion. The Keter Group distributes to 25,000 retail outlets globally, including nearly all of the top 250 retailers worldwide - with many of these relationships dating back more than 25 years.

Unique products. Allibert keeps innovating. Our wicker outdoor furniture, from which the woven design comes from an injection-moulding machine, is unique. Ready for use, nothing has to be woven by hand. We also invented Rezolith. With this finish, outdoor furniture gets a wood look. By walking ahead in the market, we can offer you the best and nicest outdoor furniture.

Allibert Corona Duo Set is available at Matta Gallery in Ajaltoun, Zouk Mosbeh, Keserwan; Jal El Dib, Dekwaneh, Metn; Jamhour, Hazmieh, Baabda; and Khalde, Aley, Lebanon.

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Allibert Corona Duo Set